One Man's Battle to Save Construction Workers - Changing the Mental Health Game

Mike Turlin, a mental health campaigner with a special focus on the construction industry, is using his story to change perceptions about mental health all over the UK through his organisations
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I'm Mike Turlin

I am Mike Turlin founder off Construction Buddies & Bentley Mental Health always wants to do more to help others & this is why we started A Broken Mind to travel the UK to help people to open up about their issues and to help fund free counseling Help me to help others by supporting the charity and help others that need it.

You can visit my two website for more information

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Mental health in construction: It’s good to talk

Mike Turlin started Construction Buddies to get people open up about their mental health in construction and to let them know that help is available. Here, he discusses his journey – and how we can get people in the industry talking

My name is Mike Turlin and I’m the founder of Bentley Mental Health and Construction Buddies and now

I am also a project manager within the construction industry and a passionate mental health in construction campaigner.

In 2009, I tried to end my life on more than one occasion. A family member and also my best friend both died within a short period of time, my marriage ended and I was made redundant. Thankfully, those attempts failed.

A Broken Mind

To give them the chance to open up about their mental health issues,after starting Bentley Mental Health & Construction Buddies I wanted to do more, the idea of a broken mind is to travel the Uk to companies and show their staff it’s good to Talk.

Promoting positive Mental Health

My Mission

My mission is to help save as many lives as possible

Hope, Faith, and Trust

I'm paying it forward. Now, I am here for you.

24/7 Availability

Don’t be shy, we don’t bite. You’ll feel massive relief after talking to us

I help fund free counselling

Help me to help others that are suffering here in the Uk by donating to our charity

Remember it’s Good to Talk and have the ability to Listen


Real Life Testimony​

“Mike you continue to inspire and I am very excited to hear about Construction Buddies. Brilliant and inspiring. If I can support you in your new venture I will. Thank you for all you do, always. Tale lots of care. :)”
Caroline Ellison
Dip. Couns. MBACP
“What a brilliant wat to put it Mike. All too often people don’t seek help until after bomb has exploded sadly enough!”
Lisa Murphy
Anger Management Coach
“They say “you aspire to inspire” and that is very true, as I can testify that Mike Turlin really inspired me from the moment I first saw him at London Olympia with his white and golden top Bentley and his teddy bear. ”
Alusine Kamara
Student Interships / Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment

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