Allow Me to Introduce Myself..

I am Amanda. A daughter, a sister, and a friend. Lover of nature, hiking, and wildlife. I am known for my love of photography as well as my free spirit. When one first meets me, you could assume that there is nothing wrong with me – that I live a happy and simple life.  How far from the truth that person is..

I am Amanda and I have a  mental illness (multiple illnesses, to be exact).

Now, you might be one of those who are currently feeling sorry for me, who wish that I felt better and wished that I was a so called “normal” being. Truth be told, from my illnesses, I have learned a lot more than what most would have imagined. I have learned how gracious and kind the human heart can be as well as, in the opposite spectrum, how cold people can be. I’ve learned that stigma is a great hurdle of mine, one that I bound to leap one over the other. I am bound and determined to teach others about the invisible illnesses of mental health and why it is so important to understand and care for those who have. To allow them to walk within the shoes of those who suffer daily with the constant battle of their own mind – the constant war they face against it.

I am Amanda and I am a fighter.. And I am here to allow those to see through my own eyes.

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