Medicine and the Stigma Around It


First of all, I thought a little humor to my blog post would work well for this post. At least at the moment before I actually get a little bit serious. The reason why I am posting this is because I always seem to get a comment about medicine and how I act. Yes, people seem to enjoy making comments about stuff like that. Something along the lines of: “You should really increase your medicine, you are not acting normal..”. Really? Because I am actually showing my personality, does not mean that I need my medicine upped. So guess what folks, I decided to write something about medicine some stigma around it.  That is right, I plan on getting down to the nitty gritty of medicine and letting you all know the truth about medicine.

So here is my list about the common stigmas that people have about medicine. Please note, this is not everything, for there is so much out there, it would be hard to post everything into one post.

  1. Your medicine isn’t working. You should really be upping your dose? Really? This is a comment that I often hear, especially when my actual personality is beginning to shine through. People seem to be unable to understand that your personality should be allowed to shine through with the medicine that you are on and you should not be a zombie. I have seen so many people who are zombie like in appearance all because of the medicine they are on, it is frightening. I personally don’t want to be like them at all.
  2. Did you take your medicine at all today? This ties in with the first one.  There are days in which the medicine will not work at all. Sorry guys but some days, it just won’t. Some days, the illness is a lot stronger than the medicine itself can handle, making it a lot harder in order to control. It is during these days that you must understand to be patient with us. We did not chose to be like this and we are trying the best that we can in order to control what we are feeling today. We really are.
  3. Perhaps you should go natural. It is much safer. Unfortunately, anything natural is not proven to help any symptoms that I am feeling with my illness. There is also a greater chance of it worsening as well.
  4. Exercise will help those problems disappear. Exercise will only help mild symptoms but when your symptoms are severe, chances are it will not help at all. Yet, it can help with the happiness but the effect is only limited to short term. Certain illnesses need more than just exercise – such as therapy and medicine – in order to keep their minds clear. Some people actually suffer from a chemical imbalance in the brain which is severe enough where medicine is the only way to fix it.
  5. You know what that medicine can do to you right. Listen, I know what my medicine can do to me, which is why my doctor talks to me about it with me before he puts me on it. There is always a great disappointment in me when I listen to all the side effects that come from each of the pills that I take on a daily basis. However, I will admit that with the side effects that I deal with, each pill gives me strength to continue forwards and deal with my day as thought nothing was wrong with me. These medicines help me to live a normal life, something which I am rather grateful for to say the least. I could tell you that I could be one of those who hates my medicine but in truth, my medicine has provided me with so much freedom in my life that most would not expect at all.
  6. You take too many pills. Maybe you should decrease them? Are you a doctor now? Seriously, those type of people drive me nuts. Perhaps if you knew what I had to deal with on a daily basis, maybe you would understand why I took so many pills in the first place. There is a reason why. There is always a reason why I am taking that medicine and the reason why I need it. Perhaps it is best for you to just not ask about it.

So that is my list that I have come with and I know that there is plenty more out there. If you would like to share with me of some of the things that you have heard, please feel free to comment below! Also, let us try to prevent the stigma of mental illness and medicines. It is crazy how many times I hear these comments coming from others.

And as always, stay beautiful and happy, my friends!

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