Coping Skills: Watercolor Painting

When a person is stressed, coping skills is one of the best ways in order to help ease yourself out of the stress that you are feeling. There are many different ways that many people cope with stress, including deep breathing, going for a walk, taking a break, etc. Each coping skill works completely different for each person. One of the coping skills that I find rather helpful – other than the journaling that I am often doing – are watercolor paintings.

I don’t know why but I always had a fascination with watercolor painting ever since I was in High School. I will be honest, I hated to paint. Acrylics and oil paints were not my forte and I struggled with blending colors together. For me, being the perfectionist that I am, I could never make anything look as nice as what I wanted too. Everything ended up looking flat and plain. Those paints frustrated me and often made me want to throw in the towel rather quickly, as much as I tried to learn. I also did not like how finicky the paint was. Then you had oil pastels, which I loved completely. They blended like a dream and were vibrant with the colors that they provided. I loved working with them completely. Of course, there was a setback to the pastels as well. They were messy. There was a good chance that you would end up with fingerprints on your clothes or on the wall. Pastels could be a nightmare if not handled correctly though they were fun to work with.

It was during my time in High School which I was introduced to watercolor paints and the wonders that they could actually provide to someone and, let me be honest, they are wonderful. Watercolors blend like a dream and their colors are vibrant. Best thing about them is the fact that unlike paints and pastels, there is little to no mess. Even if you are not Vincent Van Gogh and are just wanting to learn how to paint, watercolors are a great way to learn.

When it comes to watercolors, I try my best to get my practice in everyday. I find it enjoyable and relaxing in order to watch all of the colors blend flawlessly together and to form shadows and highlights of things that I am painting. There is just something calming about watercolor painting that keeps me going with it that I keep up with my skills and make sure that everything is up to par. Not only that, but I like to make sure that I am learning and practicing new skills that I have not practiced before. Another reason why I like watercolor painting is that, unlike other painting, it is reasonable in price. You don’t have to pay that much for a good set of paints, some watercolor paper and some brushes. Watercolor painting is a hobby that can be quickly learned and enjoyed by anyone who wishes to learn it, which is why I often suggest it to people who want to learn something that is relaxing.

Now other than watercolors, I do hike, walk, and journal in order to keep my stress levels down. I also do deep breathing exercises to help me out with any stress that I might be dealing with on a daily basis. Out of all the coping skills that I have, I will have to admit that watercolor painting and hiking will have to be my favorite with watercolor painting holding a slight lead. I could spend hours just painting without anyone bothering me at all, just watching the colors mix together. For me, it it is far more relaxing than anything else out there.

Do you have a favorite coping skill or a suggestion of a coping skill I should try? Post below!


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