My name is Amanda or, as many people call me, Manda. I was born and raised inside of the lovely city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, where I still live today. Not much really to say about me here. I lived a normal childhood with my one sister and my countless number of pets. Everything in my life was completely normally until I was 26, and that was when I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and severe anxiety.

It was not what I was expecting at all during my lifetime. I was currently working in a salon and was struggling to fit in with the rest of the girls, only to be thrown this curveball as well. It made me want to break down and cry. I remember breaking down and crying, wondering how I got stuck with this horrible disorder that no one, not even myself really seemed to understood. I pulled away from countless of people and lost countless of friends in the process. Lucky for me, I gained countless of close friends as well, those who were willing to stand by me no matter what.

Since my diagnosis, I have learned a lot about my disorder, especially about how to manage it a bit more. Hopefully, with posting this blog up for others to see, it will inspire others to be open about their mental illness and to seek help when needed.

Love you all!