How my Mental Illness has Benefitted Me


While looking online, I always see the negatives of having a mental illness. People post why they hate their mental illness and why they wish they never had it.  A lot of the post that I have seen focuses on the negative aspect of the illness and not what they have learned from it. This has got me thinking about a couple of things, one of them including how I believe my mental illness had benefitted me. Now, I know that this is throwing myself out of the complete spectrum from other people but hey, sometimes a person must do what they got to do. Below, I’ve compelled a list of how my illness has benefitted me.

  1. It helped me to become more compassionate towards others. I have noticed that when it comes towards others, I am more compassionate. I relate to people more than what I have ever before and tend to be more empathic towards their problems. It could be the smallest thing and chances are, you will get empathy from me.
  2. Helped me to become a great listener. I’ve learned that along with being compassionate, I have also become a great listener. I am more than willing to listen to a person’s problems and comfort them whenever they need it.
  3. Once placed on my medicine, my true personality bloomed.  Yes, that is right. My true personality actually came out with my mental illness. People actually saw who I was as a person when I was placed on medicine rather than being that shy, awkward person.
  4. I am able to show more emotions. I am more accepting of my emotions and therefore, I am more willing to share my emotions with others without caring what others think about them. I’ve broken down in front of people before but it has proven that yes, I do have emotions just like everyone else and I am not as emotionless as once thought.
  5. I am unique. Everyone who has a mental illness is unique within their own way because each person who has it has a unique symptom. Also, let me add to the fact that people who tend to have a mental illness tend to be rather interesting people in general. Their lives are full of stories, some that others cannot even imagine.
  6. I have matured as a person. I have grown as a person dealing with all that I have dealt with. With all the struggle and pain that I have dealt with, I have grown into a strong and rather independent person, someone who can be admired by a lot of my peers and by people who do not know me. It makes me proud to be me.
  7. It has showed me who my real friend were. That is right, it showed me who were the people who were there for me and not just faking it and I am grateful for it. Yes, it was hurtful to lose some friends but you know, I am glad to have a close, tightly knitted friendships that I do.
  8. I have become an advocate for those with Mental Illnesses.  This is a big one for me, especially with all the stigma that happens around. I have become rather outspoken with my mental illness and I am not afraid to tell people about them. It is something that – in my mind – if I educate people, the more understanding people are going to be able mental illness itself. Society needs to see people who suffer from mental illness in person, not see it from the media. That way, it helps in order to prevent any negative stigma from generating. Negative stigma means people who have mental illness refuses to seek the help they desperately need.

So this is my list that I have compelled. There are more positives but my mind is incapable of thinking of them at the moment. Please, let me know what you think!