Thank a Stylist


People are such interesting beings, each with their own personality, the way they act around others and in different situations that they are placed within. People react completely different to each other as well, which makes them even more complex beings. I enjoy being around people, I really do but there are times that people really do bug me. There have been plenty of times that I wish that I could actually be by myself without the aid of another around me. Don’t get what I mean. I will admit, I do get social anxiety and being around people does stress me out at times. Some people, especially those who seem to be more vibrant in personality, tend to tire me out. I am not exactly an introvert, but I am not exactly an extrovert either. Perhaps, we should start calling me an ambivert, since I seem to have the best of both worlds and seem comfortably stuck in the middle.

Now why am I bringing this up? I am a hairstylist and there are times that people do frustrate me and having Bipolar, it happens more than often. When a person does not explain themselves to the best of their abilities and are lacking in their terms of describing a haircut, I can get very easily frustrated, especially when I ask you a question and you agree to it when you really meant no (yes, this happened to me today). I would rather had some sort of honesty than being lied to my face. It makes me a very unhappy camper and makes you look like a complete idiot to me. And please, don’t act like I don’t know how to cut your hair. I am not stupid as much as you might think that I am. If you explain yourself correctly to me and let me do my job, I promise you, you will get the cut you are looking for.

As you all can tell, I have become rather frustrated with this to the point that I was nearly crying on the floor because of it. I pride myself on a lot of my men’s cuts and to have a guy tell me that I did not know how to cut his hair caused a lot of pain to him. Especially when I have men who return to me to get their hair done. Doing hair is my pride and my passion and by having someone telling you, who doesn’t know how to cut hair mind you, that you “cut their hair wrong” is a kick in the gut. It hurts the pride and effort that all stylist put into working with hair.

A lot of men and women who work in hair do not do it for the money, for there is hardly any money to be made in hair. They do it for the passion that they have for it. A lot of them do it for the people in the industry as well as the customers that they met. They do it for the love of hair and all things beautiful. A lot of these men and women do it to see your smiling faces after you see the finished look, to see the happiness on your face after your see the finished product. So please, do me a favor. After you are finished sitting in the salon chair, getting your cut, color, wax, etc., thank a stylist. They work long hours on their feet just to see your smile.