What sets a person off..

I am writing this due to the fact that at my work, I am dealing with something that is setting me off on a daily basis, something that is very simple. First of all, let me explain. Forgive me if I have explained it in my other post but I have Bipolar Disorder and anxiety, as well as a possibly personality disorder. All these put together bring out the best and unfortunately, the worse of me at times. My moods have a tendency to shift rather easily and the littlest things have been know to set me off and/or frustrate me. I hide it well but I will voice my opinion when during the need. Such comes the case to one of my coworkers.

You see, I am a hairstylist and was the first person hired on at the location where I work therefore, everything that was set up, was place in a certain place for a reason. I like everything neat and organized, being put well together in spots where I know where they are. And when new girls come on, I kindly show them the way that things are placed because otherwise, I will be driven mad with trying to find the object and get to the point of pure frustration. Unfortunately, one of my coworkers has yet to understand the way that things are done and seem to move things around so that I might have to search for them. Alright, that is fine but there was one thing I am not fine with.

Her using the brush for cleaning the dishes to be used on hair combs.

Oh yes, you have heard me correctly. She has used the dishes brush to clean the combs with human hair. The brush that I use to clean the silverware with. Imagine how disgusted I was when I found human hair in the bristles and asked my manager if someone was using ¬†it for what it wasn’t intended for. ¬†Clearly, she had no idea as well. So the day that I found out, I wrote on that brush “For Dishes Only” hoping that she would be intelligent enough to understand that someone was really getting irritated by her stupidity. And again, the next day, there was more hair in the bristles of the brush.

To be honest, I really don’t know what to do. I talked to my manager, who said she would get a new brush for the dishes but I feel like the same thing will happen all over again. This stylist has no regards for anyone’s personal health and safety nor does she really seem to care. Yet, what always surprises me is that she is always complaining about how we do not have safety rules and regulations up in the backroom.

Am I the only one who is sensing a hypocrite here?