Psychosis – what is it like?


Psychosis. It is a word which strikes fear into many hearts, a word that many people do not really understand. It is often the stuff of our nightmares and often times, brings out many misunderstandings. In general, when a person is suffer from psychosis, they suffer in silence, in fear that they may crazy or mad. But what is psychosis and who is affected?

Psychosis, according to Oxford dictionaries is as followed: “a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality”. Within these impairments, you have two types.¬†Hallucinations is the first type and involves your senses. This could be seeing something that isn’t there, hearing someone who isn’t even around, even going as far as smelling something. If it has to do with your senses, it will fit into hallucinations. As for delusions, these are more so thoughts that a person believes to be true that actually are not. This could be the thought that there is someone out to get them, etc.

There are a few people who would experience psychosis more than others. These people are as followed:

  • Too little sleep
  • some prescription medicine
  • abuse of drugs and alcohol
  • certain mental illness such as bipolar disorder, schizoaffective and schizophrenia.
  • traumatic events
  • Brain injuries

So that is a list of some of the possible ways that a person that suffer from psychosis. But what is a psychosis event like? While trying I myself have dealt with psychosis myself, I have noticed that there have been not many people open about talking about the event itself. Many people explain what psychosis is and then, they end up stopping right there. It really is a shame because of all parts of the a mental illness, this is the most stigmatized and misunderstood of all. Often times, people who suffer from psychosis keeps it to themselves in fear of what others will say about them, in fear of what judgement they might receive. I will admit, I admit, I have only shared my psychosis with my best friends or those who I know suffer from bipolar, due to the fact that I know that they won’t judge me. Even my own sister, who I am extremely close with, doesn’t know about these damaging nightmares that I deal with at times. Perhaps there is that fear that I don’t want her to worry about me, for fear for what I have to deal with or maybe, there is that slight fear that my own family will see me more for the Black Sheep that I already am.

There are the reasons why some of the people do not tell people who they are close to about psychosis and how it affects them. They are afraid of the judgement that they may receive from those who they love. It is a shame that they feel this way, considering that it is those who may be the ones who might be more than willing to help them.

As for the psychosis that I deal with, I deal with mainly hallucinations, which tend to be rather confusing for me. Most of the time, they happen during the night when I least expect them to. Sometimes, I see shadows darting past or something moving in the corner of the room and when I go to investigate, there is nothing there. There are also times in which I see large ball of light dart at me, which plenty of times I have to dodge because I am afraid of it hitting me. It is strange but it is something that that I have grown to known. The worse for me tends to be the voices. For me, it sounds like you are in a restaurant, where the voices are muted and muffled but you can still hear them quite clearly. These voices often keep me up at night, preventing me from sleeping. The reason why is because I am always concentrating on them, trying to figure out what they are actually saying. My mind always seems to be racing during this time, making it so difficult for me. A lot of the times, everything is a blur that it is hard to determine reality from what isn’t there.

It is really hard to actually understand psychosis unless you have actually been there but if you know someone who is going through it, be there for them. Chances are, you may be the only one who might be.