Why I write?

It is something that is commonly asked of me. Why do I write? With it being commonly asked, it is something that I often think about. Sometimes, I really don’t know the answer to the question and shrug it off for it really doesn’t matter, does it? Other times, I ponder the reason why I got into writing and the effects that it has had on my body. So why do I write? There are plenty of reasons as to why..

I write to release my soul of any tensions that I am feeling deep inside, to calm it of the anxiety that I feel on a constant basis. When my mind is a jumbled mess, it is nice to come home and just write something down without the judgement of others around me, which I should be writing more often. It is nice to place my own thoughts and feelings in writing and express my own knowledge about a situation that I may feel differently about compared to others. After all, there are times in which a person cannot express themselves with their own words and therefore, they find writing to be the best way of communication. I tend to be one of those people. For me, writing is not as exhausting as it is to have an actually communication with another human being. For me, that is something that I dread more than anything else. Again, you can blame my anxiety for that that.

I also write because I enjoy writing. There is something about it that I really cannot explain. For me, writing is fun and I could easily write a long essay if given the chance than to stand by and watch tv. I just prefer it to most things I do. Just like on my time off of work, I prefer reading articles and understanding things, especially whenever it comes to things dealing with mental health. For me, that is interesting for me. It may not be interesting for other people but for me it is very interesting. It is one of the things that I enjoy doing and continue to enjoy doing.

Perhaps this helps to give you a little bit of an idea of how my mind works or maybe, it just confused you more. Hopefully, it is not the latter of the two.